EMERGING MINDS PUBLISHING has been created to foster early bilingualism in children.

Knowing at least two languages, especially English, is almost a tool of survival in today's society. Children are the best learners when it comes to languages. Neurological findings show that children fluent in two languages have certain cognitive advantages compared to monolinguals. For instance, they are better at problem-solving, demonstrate greater creativity and develop enhanced mental flexibility, leading to divergent thinking and a broader social understanding.

Emerging Minds books target simultaneously German and English speaking population.

It is particularly helpful that a child can associate one object, one idea or one theme in both the languages from one single book. For small children, the books are meant to be read to, in turn, by parents, grandparents or caregivers, following the OPOL (one person, one language) method.

EMERGING MINDS CLOTHING embodies the concept of design, style, quality and comfort in children's garments. It provides parents the opportunity to dress their children elegantly and with sophistication.